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Over, the recent past, we have seen many companies like http://dissertationthesiswriting.com come out to create a forum where students post problems to be solved by online writers. This has been on a rise since you find that some students are tied up with other important responsibilities thus, cannot complete homework in real time. Therefore brilliant minds have come up with this idea that has helped to solve emotional stress and anxiety to students who cannot finish their papers in good time. It is not that they are lazy fellows but forced by unavoidable circumstances like work among many others. Some critiques have come out to argue against the whole idea, but what I have to assure them is that online writing services are an exquisite idea that has solved many problems that even the governments would have not solved. Let’s take for instance the writers who are hired by these companies, in most cases they are qualified with relevant skills in various fields of study. Some are Bachelor’s, masters, and even Ph.D. holders. You find that the government has not come out to solve unemployment problems but now thanks to the online writing service providers as they have done great in job creation. For instance, for a writer who can work on a full-time basis, he or she can be able to pay bills without having to be dependent on other people. This is the reason critiques should not be ready to criticize the whole thing without having to analyze the positive impact it has brought to many parties. Point to note is that the students who give their assignment are not lazy since they have the ability and skills to do their work but only that they have pressures to balance among many options as mentioned earlier

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