In high school and college settings, English essay writing is a skill that is expected of all students at a given level of their studies. Writing an essay is an art that requires time and training to perfect. Ample time should be allocated in the essay writing process to allow for the sufficient time to write the content and proofreading before submission. Accorfing to prior preparation has to be made before one starts to write instead of just downloading the content down on paper. The idea is that substantive revisions may be required at later stages of writing. A thesis is very fundamental when writing an essay. A tentative thesis has to be drafted to give the reader a summary of the position of the essay and the direction that the main argument should take. The thesis is placed at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis statement should serve as a compass direction to give the reader a gist of the flow that the essay will take. The statement is thus an integral element when writing an essay. With a compelling thesis statement in place, an introduction can be expertly crafted. The introduction can be made captivating by presenting a scenario or some statistics relevant to the topic. From the introduction, it is crucial for the writer to sketch down a structure that the rest of the paper should take. The outline will help them give a sound flow in the latter stages. Notes can then be collected on the topic and ideas developed as much as possible to ensure that they agree. Then a conclusion is important to sum up everything and qualify the thesis statement

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